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Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation

The SEO services that I offer are open, honest and priced on actual time to complete a task. I charge £30 per hour.

I can carry out a staged SEO review and update as follows.


Stage 1 – Review of the current website and improve this through onsite SEO principles and practices.


a) I undertake keyword research to ensure that the website is targeting the most relevant keywords.

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break a website. By researching your market’s keyword demand, I can not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers as a whole.

b) I implement the findings from the keyword research.

From the keyword research, the findings will be implemented throughout the website, This will include updating:


  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  •  Headings
  •  URLs
  • Adding in new headings
  • Reviewing internal linking (including anchor text used)


c) I re-write each of the current web pages to be more SEO-friendly (sign-off from the company will be required before it is published live on the website)

d) I review and update other SEO factors that needed updating on the website and ensure Google Analytics and Google Search Console are set-up correctly.

For bespoke SEO services, please contact us.


Stage 2 – After improving the SEO foundations on the website I look to improve the content on the website


Websites have moved away from brochure-style and simple websites to more dynamic content-driven websites that gives visitors more information and opportunities to interact with content. It is the content that determines whether you are found by search engines, sales prospects and visitors of all types.

Search engines love crawling new information on your website. Search engines algorithms are private, but we do know that the number of pages you have indexed on them is a plus. The more pages you have indexed, the more of an expert you appear to search engines. Adding fresh content to your website also keeps search engine spiders interested in your website and they keep coming back. The benefit of keeping the spiders interested is when you do add new content it will show up in a matter of days (or less) and not take weeks.

I would look to:

a) Add more content

It would be worthwhile looking at the website structure to see how it can be improved and what copy will add quality and helpful content to the website.

b) Creating a blog

Blogs can be created in-house and then manually checked for keyword inclusion. They will also need to be checked to ensure that they are loaded on to the website correctly using appropriate page titles, meta descriptions and tagging.


Blogs can be created for you.

The price for the content work is on a fixed-fee basis based on £45 per 1,000 words. Content is written that is unique and well-researched.


Stage 3 – Now you have content to share, I will start pushing it out on social media and interact with followers


It is worth undertaking a social media review of the company to analyse your business, marketplace and build a strategy going forward. The strategy will look at suggestions and ideas about progressing forward and look at:


  • Why your business needs a Social Media Strategy
  • Which platforms should you be posting on
  • What content you should be posting
  • When you should be posting
  • What your competitors and the industry leaders are doing
  • Who is doing social media well in your field
  • How you can build a relevant audience


Social media content can then be created in-house and pushed out. Any questions and messages would be monitored by the company.


Social media content can be created for you. Any questions and messages would be picked up and responded to or passed to the correct person in the company to deal with the enquiry.

Dependent on the findings of the social media review (e.g. frequency of when you should post etc. – on top of sharing the blog posts) I can create content and post for the company based on a fixed-fee, which can be agreed.

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